A primary component of QOR360 chairs is that most ecofriendly of materials, wood, a material that is both sustainably produced and biodegradable. Unavoidably, a few components of our chairs are not biodegradable. For example, the vibration isolation mounts that attach our rocker to our chairs are made of natural rubber; there are only four of these per chair, however, and they are quite small, so overall they have a small eco-footprint. The rockers in our chairs are injection molded from a very tough plastic, polycarbonate. Although this plastic is produced from petroleum, a carefully engineered structure of internal ribs allows us to make very strong rockers using a minimal amount of plastic, thus controlling both cost and environmental impact. One of our rockers contains about as much plastic as four one gallon milk jugs, but, unlike milk jugs, our rockers will last a lifetime. Return to Active Sitting FAQ