Sitting directly on wood is uncomfortable for most of us accustomed as we are to cushioned furniture, so we think using a cushion of some sort when sitting on the QOR360 is a good idea for most people. We recommend going light on the padding, however. Try using the basic cushion that we provide with every Newton and every Cleo chair first. By keeping the amount of padding to a minimum you allow yourself to clearly feel your sitting bones and respond to the very important input that they provide about your balance and posture while sitting actively. However, if you find you need more cushioning to be comfortable, we make a thicker cushion for our chairs that you can find on our website. This cushion incorporates two types of cross-linked polyethylene foam: a thin layer of very firm, closed cell foam to prevent “bottoming out” of the sitz bones on the chair top is bonded to a thicker layer of memory foam to provide traction while sitting. This cushioning “foam sandwich” slides into a sleeve heavyweight cotton material to complete the cushion. This cushion then firmly attaches to all QOR360 seats in a way that provides a solid, non-slip connection between the cushion and the wooden seat, but allows for easy removal should you wish to wash the cover of your cushion in a washing machine. Return to Active Sitting FAQ