What’s it like to sit on a QOR360 active chair and how should I first use it?

When people first encounter the QOR360 chair there can be several different reactions, sometimes all at once. Surprise is common, as is amusement, perhaps because the expectation of a “solid” seat is challenged. After a moment of disorientation most people “get it”: they catch their balance and sit up in a tall, balanced posture and then begin to explore different modes of rocking. Kids, on the other hand, seem to simply enjoy the ride without trying to figure out or explain the experience.

The first time you sit down on a QOR360 chair we recommend that you place the back of the chair 4 or 5 inches from a wall, to preclude the very slight possibility of falling backward. After a few moments to get over the initial surprise of active sitting sit on your QOR360 chair anywhere you wish, you’ll be fine. Sit playfully, confident that your spine knows its business and will find and express your naturally perfect posture.

Many people report that sitting on a QOR360 feels like they’re floating. Because your posture is constantly changing, adjusting to small changes in the angle of the seat, your spinal reflexes are constantly adjusting your spinal musculature to optimize your posture. All of this activity takes place outside conscious awareness, a silent conversation between your spine, its muscles and gravity.

Another thing often reported by our testers is a profound difference in how they feel when they get up after prolonged sitting: After sitting on a conventional chair many people find that getting up leaves them with a feeling of stiffness in the low back and pelvis, an uncomfortable feeling that requires stretching and bit of cautious walking to set right. This “locked spine syndrome” doesn’t occur even after prolonged sitting periods on a QOR360. Because the active sitting provided by the QOR360 keeps your spine in subtle, continuous motion your spine never becomes stiff from the inactivity that is enforced by static sitting in conventional chairs. So, when you get up from sitting on a QOR360 chair, well, you just get up and get on with your day, no stretching or limping required.

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