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6th Graders Take on the ButtOn Chair

“80% of Americans have back pain.” The sixth grade class had just been asked what information stood out to them from Dr. Osler’s TEDx talk, and this was the first student’s response. Apparently, the kids were paying attention. We were there to present an idea and offer the students an experiment: could active chairs be [...]

Can active sitting relieve acute back pain

ergonomic office chair

Can active sitting relieve acute back pain? This is a hot topic here at QOR360. We’re a science-based crowd, and our intention is to be as truthful, straightforward, and accurate as possible when speaking about our chairs. We know that active sitting can prevent back pain, but promising that our chairs will relieve back pain […]

Is your office chair actually causing your back pain?

ergonomic office chair back pain
Is your office chair actually causing your back pain? Probably. Do you already know your sitting posture is bad? Probably. People spend a lot of time sitting (11 hours a day, on average), and most of that sitting is done in an office. But who has time to concentrate on posture all day, or bother getting up every [...]

QOR360 Supports Women’s Heart Health

go red for women's heart health
Our chairs have always supported heart health through active sitting. February is women's heart health awareness month. For each chair purchased in the month of February, QOR360 will donate 5% of the proceeds to the American Heart Association, to further support heart health and women’s heart health awareness. We’ve all heard that “sitting is the new [...]

If Sitting is the Problem, is Standing the Solution? NO!

standing desk
“Yes, I know sitting is “the new smoking”; that’s why I have a standing desk”. I’ve heard this a lot over the last few years. And it seems to make perfect sense: after all, isn’t standing the opposite of sitting? Well, not exactly. Come to think on it, sitting and standing actually have a lot [...]

Comfortable Chairs and the Purpose of Sitting

recline chair desk
No one wants to be uncomfortable, and especially not for long periods of time. So it’s hardly surprising that when it comes to sitting, the activity that consumes most of our waking hours, the question of “comfort” comes up immediately and just won’t go away. But “comfort” when sitting is likely a more complicated concept [...]

Feldenkrais: a doctor’s view

moshe feldenkrais
Image: The Wisdom Daily © 2014 The Wisdom Daily. I’ve been a student of the Feldenkrais method for about a decade now, so I’m really just a beginner. But here’s what I think I’ve been learning… Our bodies are the most basic tool we possess. As children we learn through play to use our bodies, but unfortunately, [...]

Why “Ergonomic” chairs are bad for your posture.

active sitting posture correction
Posture is response of the body to gravity. It is the moment to moment conversation our bodies have with gravity. This conversation begins at birth, and continues as babies first lift their head, then creep, then crawl, then toddle and finally stand. Throughout this awakening of the body the spine is adapting to gravity, developing [...]

How QOR360 came to be.

active chair prototype design QOR360
I’m sometimes asked “How did you come up with the rocker for your chairs?” I usually deflect this question with something like “Well, it wasn’t the first thing I thought of…” and hope that’s enough explanation, because it’s a sort of meandering tale that stumbles from silly failure to ridiculous failure. It doesn’t show me [...]

Yoga balls: not the solution for sitting at work (or anywhere else…)

yoga balls are not active sitting
"It's like the yoga ball, isn't it?" I hear this often when people encounter our QOR360 chairs for the first time and are trying to figure out what sitting on one of our rockers might feel like. And, it's a good observation: Both the yoga ball (exercise ball, Swiss ball, etc.) and our chairs are [...]