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  • 6th Graders Take on the ButtOn Chair

    “80% of Americans have back pain.” The sixth grade class had just been asked what information stood out to them from Dr. Osler’s TEDx talk, and this was the first student’s response. Apparently, the kids were paying attention. We were there to present an idea and offer the students an experiment: could active chairs be [...] More  →
  • Dr. Turner Osler TEDx Stowe Vermont Active Sitting

    Active sitting – could we give our kids a future without back pain | Turner Osler | TEDx Stowe

    On the TEDx Stowe stage we hoped to spark a conversation about active sitting in schools, and how with a little innovation, it can be done cheap, fast, and effective. If you’d like a copy of the brochure describing our TEDx talk, you can download it here. For more information on the ButtOn Chair project, [...] More  →
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