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  • woman demonstrating good posture

    Your personal posture coach

    “This is supposed to make my posture better, isn’t it?” Typically, this is the very first thing people say when they sit in our chair for the very first time. The comment is remarkably consistent, which has taken me a while to understand. How do they know? Note that the response isn’t “This chair is [...] More  →
  • the problem with lumbar support

    Lumbar Support

    Sounds great, doesn't it? A little scientific, even medical ("lumbar" from the Latin lumbus, meaning loin). And at the same time gently comforting; who doesn't love "support"? If you're going to sit at your desk all day, answering email or slaving over some code or a spreadsheet, aren't you going to need some support? Heck, [...] More  →
  • ergonomic office chair back pain

    Is your office chair actually causing your back pain?

    Is your office chair actually causing your back pain? Probably. Do you already know your sitting posture is bad? Probably. People spend a lot of time sitting (11 hours a day, on average), and most of that sitting is done in an office. But who has time to concentrate on posture all day, or bother getting up every [...] More  →
  • recline chair desk

    Comfortable Chairs and the Purpose of Sitting

    No one wants to be uncomfortable, and especially not for long periods of time. So it’s hardly surprising that when it comes to sitting, the activity that consumes most of our waking hours, the question of “comfort” comes up immediately and just won’t go away. But “comfort” when sitting is likely a more complicated concept [...] More  →
  • active sitting posture correction

    Why “Ergonomic” chairs are bad for your posture.

    Posture is response of the body to gravity. It is the moment to moment conversation our bodies have with gravity. This conversation begins at birth, and continues as babies first lift their head, then creep, then crawl, then toddle and finally stand. Throughout this awakening of the body the spine is adapting to gravity, developing [...] More  →
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