We take pride in the fact that all our materials are made in the USA, most of them in our home state of Vermont. We believe in supporting our local manufacturing community, because when you know where your components are coming from you can be sure they are of the highest quality.


Baltic Birch: The Tree House, Burlington VT

Baltic Birch is the world’s premier plywood and is our first choice for its durability and exquisite looks. It is less prone to warping and holds screws better than other woods, not to mention it is very light and extremely sturdy.

Finishing: Sutherland Wells, Burlington VT

Each wooden piece is finished by hand with three coats of Tung Oil. Tung Oil is our finish of choice because it is 100% safe for you and the environment. Nontoxic and natural, Tung Oil gives a beautiful rich finish to each of our chairs, and is hand rubbed in between every coat for that extra bit of love.

Vibration Isolation Bobbins: H. A. King, Royal Oak MI

Our durable vibration isolation bobbins offer flexibility with the strength to withstand hundreds of thousands of bends. Manufactured in Michigan, these tough pieces are what allow our QOR360 chairs to rock so smoothly while giving enough resistance to provide feedback.

Rockers: Denmar Plastics, Milton VT

Made with our patented mold right here in Milton, Vermont, these rockers are extremely tough. Injection molded from a polycarbonate and with internal ribbing to provide structural support with minimal material, they will last a lifetime.

Metal Legs: ACME Wire Products, Mystic CT

Bent for us in Connecticut and powder coated to match, these steel legs provide an appealing look with unrivaled strength. Steel provides strength at a low cost and the powder coating reduces the chances of scratching and general wear and tear while looking damn good.

Cushions: Queen City Dry Goods, Williston VT and New England Foam, Hartford CT

Our cushions are handmade in Vermont. The cushion itself is an inch of open cell memory foam on top with a quarter inch of high density polyethylene on the bottom. The Cover is 100% cotton with rubber sewn into the bottom so it grips the seat. The polyethylene bottom prevents the sit bones from touching the wood while the memory foam contours to your body so you can comfortably sit for hours.