Sitting is extremely bad for our bodies, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With a QOR360® chair you can experience full body health by remaining subtly active while you sit. Allowing you to sit free, finally.

For office or home, hand finished wood or brushed metal, there is a chair for any personal aesthetic. Experience the difference, your body will thank you.

Active Chairs

The Ariel


Softer, comfortable seat for all-day active sitting. Our best seller, for good reason.

Active Chairs

The Newton


Broader, more firm seat. Popular with posture perfectionists (Feldenkrais, AT, PT, Rolfingers, ...), also equestrians.

Active Chairs

The Cleo 2


Elegant as the Cleo, but with adjustable height and rotation. Also hand crafted by Karl.


Our most affordable active chair, and our first designed specifically for kids. Simple design, lacrosse ball rocker, virtually indestructible... it just works.

Active Chair Accessories

Active Chair Accessories

Active Chair Wheels


A set of five wheels that can be used with our Ariel and Newton models. No tools required for assembly.

Active Chair Accessories

Comfort Cushions


For people who prefer a softer seat.