Review Your QOR360 Active Chair

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1. Navigate to the QOR360 chair that you'd like to review

On our website, under the SHOP tab, you’ll find a list of our chairs. Find your chair and proceed.

2. Locate the review section

On the product page, you’ll see the current star rating for the chair. To the right of the stars, click the customer reviews link.

3. Write a review

Click on the star rating that you’d like to give the chair you are reviewing. For example, if you want to leave a 5-star review, click on the fifth star under “Your rating”. Next, summon your inner Hemmingway and write a review. When you are ready to post the review, click “Submit”.

4. That's all. Thank you!

You’ve helped us get one step closer to changing the way the world sits. Thank you for being part of the QOR360 community.

Other places to leave us a review

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