Sitting Active While Making Music

gina petro, music producer and artist

Because sitting still is bad for people, the less one sits, the better.

But, some activities require a seated posture, and for these beloved or necessary tasks it seems sitting was unavoidable. Computer-based tasks and amusements come to mind immediately, and for this slice of life chairs that keep people moving while sitting can help avoid most of the problems that come with sitting.

But some seated activities involve focus and coordination, and for these tasks active sitting can actually improve performance. For example, we've heard from a number of musicians who find that sitting actively helps them find their groove. Active chairs for musicians wasn't something that we had thought of when designing the Ariel, but it sure does make a lot of sense!

For this blog, we chatted with a few different musicians who happen to sit a lot and got their thoughts on how their QOR360 chair has improved their performance and their focus while making music.

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HOLDN (Gina Petro) - Music Producer and Artist

"I love how the Ariel keeps my posture throughout the day whether I’m sitting in a session or recording vocals. I’ve noticed an improvement in my vocal takes from the core engagement just from sitting in the chair. I highly recommended this for anyone working in a studio or working from home.... PS: Guitar players, the chair has no arms. You’re welcome."

Jeanne Fox, Cellist, Hudson Valley String Quartet

"Playing a musical instrument well requires an active and flexible posture. This seat allows one to follow the natural playing movement of the instrument."

Omar Hozayen, Piano

"I’ve been playing piano for most of my life, and always looked for a more comfortable way to sit at my piano for longer practice sessions. The Newton has been the perfect solution for me, with a wider seat, and a great range of motion. I feel like I’m doing something great for my body in addition to enjoying my music, and performing for friends and family."

Clarence Davis, Bongos

"I have used the QOR360 Ariel several times for gigs. I love it and would use it more often, but the legs on a standard drum throne fold up which makes them a bit easier to schlep around.

I mostly use my QOR360 chair when practicing at home and in the office and truly, I can't sit on anything else while I'm working. My core and back are much happier using it."

Diana Rowan, Harp

Diana has been playing the harp for years. When we asked our ROQers to send videos wearing their anatomically correct spinal tees, and Diana responded with this incredible performance, we knew we had to share this video here as well!

So, if you're looking for a slightly different way to focus on your music, or maybe just a tool to help you practice in comfort, active sitting may hit the right notes for you.

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