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Explore chair meditation for a comfortable, posture-enhancing alternative. Boost your alertness and find your ideal posture, all from an active chair.

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Have You Considered Chair Meditation?

Meditation is intrinsically challenging, but it can be particularly difficult for those who cannot sit comfortably on a cushion on the floor. Fortunately sitting on the floor isn’t a prerequisite for meditation. What’s actually important is to sit in a way that is comfortable but also encourages good posture and mental alertness. “Pushing through the pain” isn’t required, and actually is counterproductive. So, if sitting on the floor is no longer easy and comfortable for you, meditating seated on a chair is a way to continue, or perhaps begin, your meditation practice.

If you decide to meditate seated on a chair find one that has a firm and flat seat; some padding is fine, but you should be able to feel your sitting bones on your chair so you have a base from which to organize your posture. Sit forward on the seat, ignoring the chair’s back rest, so that your back doesn’t try to confirm to some chair designer’s idea of where your back should be.

Your chair should be tall enough so that when you sit on it your feet reach the floor and your knees are just a bit lower than your hips. This open hip angle will allow your spine to express its natural curves, and allow you to sit with less tension in your spine. Be sure your feet are flat on the floor, because this will give you a greater sense of grounding. Let your head delicately balance on your topmost neck vertebra, a position that will help drain tension from your neck. It may help to think of the top of your head as being suspended from the ceiling, giving your head a weightless quality. Arranging your spine and head in this way will help with mental focus.

You can rest your hands in your lap, allowing your shoulders to relax. If your chair has armrests, ignore them. Let your body find its own best posture.

Although a very basic chair (the more basic the better) will support meditation, some people find that a chair with a slightly unstable seat helps with posture and alertness, likely because the constant micro-movements required to stay balanced improve posture and thus help focus attention. The design for one such “active” chair is available for download for free if you’re handy with tools.

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Once you have your QOR360 chair, schedule a free postural consultation with our in-house spine expert, Uwe Mester. Uwe has helped people find pain-free sitting for over a decade. His thoughtful approach has helped thousands of people.

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It’s a different kind of chair, invented by a former surgeon.

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Meet Dr. Turner Osler

Turner is the CEO and Founder of QOR360. Dr. Osler is an academic trauma surgeon turned research epidemiologist who has published over 300 peer-reviewed medical papers and book chapters. As a physician who’s suffered from a tyranny of conventional chairs for most of his life, Dr. Osler’s quest for a healthier way to sit led him to develop The Eccentric Bicylinder, a shape that is central to QOR360’s ergonomic, healthy, and active seating products.