RedRocker® Technology

Using our patented mechanism we call RedRocker™ Technology, QOR360 chairs move effortlessly in all directions, allowing you to stay in motion.

ariel active chair by QOR360 grey cloth
improve posture QOR360 Ariel


“I love this chair. It keeps me upright, no slouching.”

Posture is your body’s response to gravity. QOR360 chairs are designed to allow your hips and spine to tip, gently aligning into a natural, comfortable position.


“I really can’t express how much this is relieving my lower back pain. I honestly can’t wait to get to the office and sit down!”

Active sitting keeps your core strengthened and body aligned. We are designed to move, and when you stay in motion, your back appreciates it.

relieve back pain active sitting QOR360 Ariel
healthiest way to sit active sitting QOR360 Ariel


“Sitting is the new smoking. (Really).”

Research shows that sitting is as bad for our health as smoking. People sit more than ever (Americans, on average, sit for 11 hours per day!) and it’s literally killing us. Active sitting keeps your body in motion, and helps prevent sitting disease.


Turner is the CEO and Founder of QOR360.  Dr. Osler is an academic trauma surgeon turned research epidemiologist who has published over 300 peer-reviewed medical papers and book chapters. As a physician who’s suffered from a tyranny of conventional chairs for most of his life, Dr. Osler’s quest for a healthier way to sit led him to develop The Eccentric Bicylinder, a shape that is central to QOR360’s ergonomic, healthy, and active seating products.

Learn more about QOR360’s social mission, the ButtOn Chair project.
Dr. Turner Osler is the CEO and Founder of QOR360.

Dr. Turner Osler
Founder, CEO