How should I sit on my QOR360 active chair

Learn the correct way to sit on a QOR360 active chair for optimal posture and comfort, with detailed instructions and helpful instructional videos.


Because this chair allows movement in all directions, sit down carefully, perhaps with your hands on your desk in order to get your balance. Although we’ve had no reports of folks falling off our chairs, we don’t want you to be the first!

Adjust the height of your chair:

To get the most benefit from your chair, adjust the height of your chair’s seat to match the height of the top of your patella (kneecap). This is just an opening bid; many people will find that slightly higher is even better for their posture. But having your seat the height of the top of your kneecap assures that you’ll be sitting with your knees lower than your hip, a postural trick that will open your hip angle to greater than 90 degrees, and allow the small of your back to subtly relax into a slight forward arch.

Place your feet flat on the floor, hip width apart:

Having your feet fully on the floor will provide stability, and your ankle joints will provide important information to your nervous system as it seeks to optimize your posture.

Center your sitting bones over the center of the rocker:

By centering yourself over the center of the rocking mechanism you’ll be able to easily rock in all directions, and your posture will naturally find a perfectly balanced stance. You can pretty much ignore the small back on your chair; it’s only there to keep you from sliding too far back on your chair.

If this seems like a lot (and it is):

For more on how to adjust to sitting on an active chair, you might want to check our our short video that expands a bit on these ideas:



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