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Find answers to all your questions about QOR360's active chairs in our comprehensive FAQ page, covering health benefits, design features, and practical tips.

How to sit on a QOR360 chair

Step-by-step instructions

Sitting in one of our active chairs is quite different from a conventional chair. There are a few concepts that you’ll want to get right for optimal chair performance. Watch a short explainer video recorded by Feldenkrais teacher, Uwe Mester.


How to choose a correctly sized QOR360 chair


Why sit in a QOR360 active chair?


Ariel unboxing & review


How to find your sitz bones

Why do our chairs look different from popular "ergonomic" office chairs?

It turns out that the "supports" provided by "ergonomic" office chairs confine rather than support us. By making it difficult to move naturally, conventional office chairs distort our posture and shift our metabolic machinery into idle. The result: worse posture, more back pain, and shorter lives. To make progress, we had to make a clean break with the errors of the past.

Why no backrest

For thousands of years, humans sat comfortably without backrests, and so likely you can, too.

Why no armrests

With your arms hanging comfortably from your shoulders and your wrists resting comfortably on your desk no further support for your arms is required.

Why no lumbar support

Lumbar support is all the result of a simple misunderstanding of our anatomy...

Exercise with your QOR360 chair

Watch Uwe's 4-part video series

Our very own Uwe Mester is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®. He's designed an exercise series to make active sitting in your QOR360 chair engaging, pleasurable, and fun.


The Ariel Chair


The ButtOn Chair

Size matters

Measure the distance from the ground to the top of your kneecap while standing. If you wear shoes when you sit, wear shoes when you measure. If your measurement is 21″ or less, you will need a Short chair. Greater than 21″ and you will need a Tall chair. There is some overlap in the sizes so don’t sweat it too much if you are right around 21″.

There are many reasons to switch to a QOR360 chair. Here are three

Shopping Questions

Active Sitting Questions

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