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Nothing I was doing was working and I was trapped in a place that I couldn’t get out of. The chair saved my life.”

Seth Laffal, Burlington, VT

After 34 years of practice helping people in pain caused by sitting all day this is the best solution I have found.

Dr. Brad Weiss, Natick, MA

Life changing . . . Too good to be true!

Rob Renzler, Brooklyn, NY

Over the years, I’ve invested in all sorts of expensive work chairs, along with other ideas like sitting on big inflatable balls. In the end, I landed on a medium “original” aeron chair. Producers, designers, and editors….we sit a lot. And in film and television post-production, the aeron chair is legendary. Real “sitting nerds” have very firm, well thought-out reasons how why they set up their aeron chair (gesturing with daintiness) just so… And I covet my aeron. After using your chair for less than a week, my aeron has been moved to the garage. And I think it’ll stay there.

Jeremy, San Francisco, CA

It’s like a bird perch, no more hunching, no more tripping over the big ball, super comfy and love the red cover.

Vicki Ronaldson

I really can’t express how much this is relieving my lower back pain. I honestly can’t wait to get to the office and sit down!

Deanna DeFrancesco, New York, NY

I’m now 53 healing from a life in stupid chairs and bad posture and your chairs are part of my healing path!

Cristie Love, Santa Cruz, CA

It somehow makes me walk better! I’m not hunched when I walk. It seems to be teaching me how to use my spine better?


I love this chair. I was having shoulder issues in my previous chair from leaning and not being in an active position. This also contributed to some hip and ham string issues. With your chair I can still sit to take a load off but it keeps me upright, no slouching. This helps with many other body aches and pains. My shoulder has been good and hip feels better also since using this chair.

Sefton Hirsch, Burlington, VT

Ok. I’ve sat on it twice, and not for hours yet. But my first impression is one of giddy joy. I sat on a ball for over 10 years, and periodically look around for a reasonable alternative that didn’t take as much space and that a cat couldn’t poke holes in – tried a few, too. All of them felt stiff, and I was too after a day of work. This…this is better than a ball. More range of motion, but at the same time feel totally grounded and in control. Part of me says wait a day or two, make sure the potential pitfalls are nothing to worry about – but really, I’m never this happy with anything out of the gate. You guys rock.

Brian, Richmond, VA
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