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Sit Better by Dr. Turner Osler book cover

Optimize your health and longevity

“Sit Better” is a groundbreaking guide to the complicated, counterintuitive world of sitting. Author Dr. Turner Osler is a retired surgeon and a lifelong academic researcher with interests in public health and epidemiology. Throughout this book, he carefully shows that our switch to a chair-centered life has been a catastrophe for our posture, our core strength, our back health, and especially to our overall wellbeing. Sitting shortens our lives by two years on average. Although the book intends to show the inherent dangers of sitting, it also offers hopeful guidance so readers can avoid the harms of sitting and optimize their health and longevity.

What readers are saying...

tim brennan founder of vivo barefoot shoes

Turner Osler’s Sit Better is a must-read. He describes clearly the evolution of chairs and their devastating impacts on our health, and looks towards a possible future where furniture can help us overcome back pain.

Tim Brennan

Founding Inventor, Vivobarefoot Shoes
deborah quilter

Should the seated human body be externally supported with back, neck and arm rests? No. Is working in a standing position safer than sitting? No, in fact it can be twice as deadly. Read this book to find out why.

Deborah Quilter

Author: Repetitive Strain Injury: A Computer User's Guide
yvan joly feldenkrais instructor

Dr. Osler brings his long experience of medicine, outcome research, statistics, and creative design. Sit Better, his small book on the future of sitting is a vade mecum for anyone intending to survive in a culture of chairs.

Yvan Joly


Here's what you'll get
when you read "Sit Better"

Start sitting better today in any chair
Find out why passive sitting ruins your posture, back, and health
Understand why “ergonomic” chairs hurt your back
dr. turner osler, co-founder of QOR360

Dr. Turner Osler is the CEO and Founder of QOR360. Dr. Osler spent twenty-five years as an academic trauma surgeon and researcher and has over 300 peer-reviewed papers on his CV. After receiving a master’s degree in biostatistics and a grant from the National Institute of Health in 2005, he traded the OR for full-time outcomes research. He became interested in the health problems created by our passive, chair-centric lifestyle, and has spent the last few years studying “sitting disease” and ways to combat it.

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