Disrupting the furniture landscape… or forging a new one?

One marker for a disruptive technology is that those pushing the old technology won’t “get it”. When we created an active sitting chair that improved posture and strengthened core muscles, we initially pitched it to the furniture world, because, well, it was furniture. This industry was completely nonplussed, however: a chair without a back or […]

Active sitting – could we give our kids a future without back pain | Turner Osler | TEDx Stowe

Dr. Turner Osler TEDx Stowe Vermont Active Sitting

Sitting without preconditions for folks without preconceptions So, it seems our little startup is not actually making a better chair. We’re trying to upend the whole idea of what a chair is. This isn’t an easy lift, because everyone already knows what a chair is. They’re wrong, but this won’t an easy argument to win. […]