Improve golf swing by strengthening core muscles with active sitting

Unlock the potential of active sitting with QOR360 chairs to enhance your golf swing by building stronger core muscles. Learn about the synergy between healthy sitting habits and golf performance.


Unlike your grandfather’s golf, today’s golf is all about fitness. Top golf fitness gurus will tell you the golf swing relies upon core strength. Core conditioning is important for golfers since all golfing movements stem from the strength in this area.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to develop core strength, because so many different muscles and movements are involved. It’s even been challenging to develop routines to increase core strength because we don’t have a good way to measure core strength accurately, so it’s hard to know what’s working and what’s not.

But we have anecdotal evidence that active sitting improves core strength. Almost everyone tells us that it takes them days, sometimes weeks, to develop the ability to sit on our active chairs all day, suggesting that just sitting our our chairs is conditioning their core muscles, hour by hour, day by day.

And lately we’ve been hearing from golfers who spontaneously tell us that our chairs have improved their game. These are to me persuasive reports, because we never suggested that active sitting would improve their game. So these observations, while not a blinded study, are uncontaminated by the placebo effect. We didn’t set out to develop a chair to improve people’s golf game, but, just because you invent something doesn’t mean that you can guess what it will be most useful for.

Our best-selling active chair, the Ariel, engages core musculature while you are seated. Keep reading to learn how our chair has helped golfers drive the ball further down the fairway!

There are many reasons to switch to a QOR360 chair. Here are three.


With decades of experience as a physician and researcher, Dr. Osler’s quest for a healthier way to sit led him to develop a better chair.


Active sitting improves posture and strengthens core muscles which can relieve back pain from prolonged sitting.


Enjoy a 60 day trial period to fully experience our chairs. If active sitting isn’t for you, just send us back the chair for a full refund – completely hassle-free.



“I love golf. Since Los Angeles went under quarantine last spring, I hadn’t worked out much, but have been working at my desk on my Ferrari red QOR360. When I’m not out on the course, I sit in the Ariel while I run my business. At first, it felt like a workout, now it’s just a joy to sit in.

Since our golf courses reopened, I’ve been enjoying golfing. The biggest surprise to me was that I was hitting longer than ever. My husband, Gary, says my stance is better than ever and I look very stable over the ball. The only reason I can think of is that I’ve been on this amazing chair for so many hours a day.

Of course, this makes sense, because the chair claims to work your core (it does) and help keep you moving, even when you’re sitting. My QOR360 Ariel has upped my game, and I would recommend it to any and every golfer who wants to improve their skills.”

Maybe it's time to think differently about what you are sitting on for hours every day.

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Using our patented mechanism we call RedRocker™ Technology, QOR360 chairs move effortlessly in all directions, allowing you to stay in motion.

We want to help you sit better.

Once you have your QOR360 chair, schedule a free postural consultation with our in-house spine expert, Uwe Mester. Uwe has helped people find pain-free sitting for over a decade. His thoughtful approach has helped thousands of people.


Active sitting is the converse of static sitting which is a motionless position that deskbound people assume for hours at a time. Active sitting occurs when your chair seat is unstable thereby automatically, almost magically, causing you to adjust your posture moment to moment. Active sitting helps activate and gently engage core muscles. The continued use of these muscles helps strengthen them. With your core stronger, your back is more effortlessly held in a neutral posture, avoiding strain. It leads to improved posture, less pain, better overall health and, we hope, better golf.

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This past spring, my first round of golf resulted in zero soreness and I have felt great after every round since.

“Being in IT, I used to sit crouched at my desk all day. I am an avid golfer but only get to play once every 2-3 weeks. In the past, the muscles around my core and rib cage would be sore after each round since I didn’t use those muscles at all normally. About a year and a half ago, I got the QOR360 Ariel chair to use working from home during the pandemic. This past spring, my first round of golf resulted in zero soreness and I have felt great after every round since. This told me that although I didn’t realize it, just by using the QOR360 chair, I was working my core muscles. In addition, the chair has alleviated some of my back issues. I attribute this also to strengthening my core muscles. I’m so glad I tried out this chair instead of using the traditional lumbar support cushions in normal desk chairs.”




Meet Dr. Turner Osler

Turner is the CEO and Founder of QOR360. Dr. Osler is an academic trauma surgeon turned research epidemiologist who has published over 300 peer-reviewed medical papers and book chapters. As a physician who’s suffered from a tyranny of conventional chairs for most of his life, Dr. Osler’s quest for a healthier way to sit led him to develop The Eccentric Bicylinder, a shape that is central to QOR360’s ergonomic, healthy, and active seating products.

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