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10/6/2020 | WALL STREET JOURNAL – Eight Tricks for Making Remote School Easier

Now that many families are well into the fall semester’s remote-learning program, I wanted to know if anyone had advice for managing the school-from-home hassle. I’ve developed a few hacks of my own, but I reached out to dozens of parents, students and education experts to compare notes.

9/18/2020 | BUILD2MORROWEpisode 74 – Dr. Turner Osler Provides New Insight into the COVID-19 Pandemic

As an academic physician, Dr. Osler brings a unique perspective to our in-depth discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic, what we should be doing now and what this pandemic has taught us about the state of medicine in the U.S.

9/16/2020 | DESIGN WANTEDActive Office: Reimagining the workplace one ‘exercise chair’ at a time

Surprise! Sitting can be as bad for your health as smoking, which is why these ‘dynamic’ solutions challenge your posture, making 40 hour weeks behind a desk a little easier.

9/15/2020 | CNETOur favorite back-to-school gear for remote learning

Millions of students will be learning from home this year. Here’s the gear that can help them succeed.

8/20/2020 | RSI Help With Deborah QuilterThe Trouble with Ergonomics, 3 with Turner Osler, MD

Sitting in a so-called ergonomic chair is a “catastrophically bad idea” according to Turner Osler, MD. it can lead to impaired breathing, muscle atrophy, hemorrhoids, constipation and more.

8/7/2020 | ROBERT RICKOVERAlexander Technique Interview with Dr. Turner Osler

8/3/2020 | ASSOCIATED PRESSHealthier Sitting at Home Starts with Engaging the “Qor,” Says Dr. Bradley Weiss

8/3/2020 | AOL FINANCEHealthier Sitting at Home Starts with Engaging the “Qor,” Says Dr. Bradley Weiss

Dr. Bradley (Brad) Weiss, founder and chiropractor at Performance Health Center, Natick, Mass., today announced an alliance with ergonomic chair designer QOR360 to bring healthier sitting to at-home workers.

7/23/2020 | WSPA YOUR CAROLINACreating a Home Office

How to make working from home better and more efficient with cool gadgets.

6/23/2020 | GEAR PATROLLooking for Affordable Home Office Gear? These Are the Moneyball WFH Brands

Founded by academic trauma surgeon Dr. Turner Osler, QOR360 makes seats to save you from (or minimize) back issues. Its small selection of chairs all employ the brand’s trademarked “Redrocker” tech, which allows for movement forward, backward and to either side.

6/12/2020 | THRIVE GLOBAL“Why you should walk more.” with Dr. Seeds & Dr. Turner Osler

As a surgeon, one can only operate on one person at a time, so one can affect at most 5–10 thousand lives. But by reshaping our physical environment, one can improve millions of lives in a single stroke. It’s my hope that by bringing active sitting to the attention of the world we’ll be able to improve the health and ease of millions of people.

6/1/2020 | EQUINEINK.COM  – Active Sitting – Even At Work

As equestrians, we probably are more aware of the concept of “active sitting” than most people. When you sit on a horse, your core is engaged, you are responding to movement and your muscles constantly contract and balance you..

6/1/2020 | NEWTV.ORG  – Innovation Showcase – QOR360

Jay Sugarman talks with Dr. Turner Olser and Mr. Lex Osler, the co-founders of QOR360–a company that’s developed an innovative approach to chair design.

5/14/2020 | A’DESIGN AWARD WINNERQOR360 Wins International A’Design Award for its Ariel Chair

QOR360, the Vermont-based startup with a mission to change the way the world sits, today announced that their Ariel chair, which allows sitting to be active rather than passive, has won the bronze A’Design Award in the Furniture Category.

4/2/2020 | HOME BUSINESS MAGAZINEHome Office Furniture and Decor Must-haves – An Entrepreneur’s Guide

QOR360 is dedicated to changing the way the world sits. Active sitting is the solution to the sedentary lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to.

3/30/2020 | WELLNESS MAMAEpisode 326: The Catastrophic Consequences of Sitting Too Much and What to Do About It With Dr. Turner Osler | Transcript

If there’s anything we spend that much time doing, we should be sure we know what it’s doing to our bodies! Dr. Turner Osler, a retired academic trauma surgeon turned research epidemiologist, who has published over 300 peer-reviewed medical papers, is here with some really fascinating, easy to implement, and practical tips that can benefit posture, core strength, and even sensory and attention issues in kids.

3/24/2020 | AUTHORITY MAGAZINE“5 Lifestyle Tweaks That Can Dramatically Improve One’s Wellbeing”, with Dr. Turner Osler

Former surgeon Turner Osler is trying to save the world from the traditional chair by creating a design that includes a rocking seat that feels more like walking than sitting.

2/2/2020 | BOSTON GLOBEA former surgeon changes the idea of what a chair should be

Former surgeon Turner Osler is trying to save the world from the traditional chair by creating a design that includes a rocking seat that feels more like walking than sitting.

2/2/2020 | THE WEEK5 of the best ergonomic office tools

Tired of your standing desk? This “active stool” designed by a former trauma surgeon has a patented rocker seat that promotes constant motion.

1/17/2020 | WALL STREET JOURNALGoodbye, Back Pain? This Office Chair Was Designed by a Trauma Surgeon

For decades, American workers have tried trendy office chairs hoping to alleviate the agony of sitting. Is the new ‘Active Stool’ the one?

12/17/2019 | MIND IN MOTIONSitting Pretty

This former emergency room physician and university professor, and current black belt in Aikido, believes we can drastically decrease back pain by improving sitting.

12/16/2019 | MEDIUMHoliday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Businesswoman

The QOR360 Ariel is the perfect gift for a working woman who sit most of the day to take care of business.

11/27/2019 | BETTY CO – Discover The Benefits of Active Sitting With The QOR360

What is active sitting? That is a really good question. We were all born to move, however, due to work or other tasks we find a great deal of our time sitting.

11/26/2019 | WELP MAGAZINETop 6 Ergonomic Office Chairs That Combat Back & Neck Pain

Seats sculpted with humans, not money, in mind.

11/20/2019 | KUTV SALT LAKE CITY, UTTech Report – Maternity Technology

Are you expecting? If so, check out this maternity technology presented by Codeword.

11/5/2019 | ELEMENTALYour Office Chair Is Hurting You

But also, forget standing desks. Try ‘active sitting,’ according to a trauma surgeon who wants to cure sitting disease.

9/9/2019 | LADDERSSo Long Summer: Here’s Your Back-To-Work Shopping Guide

Let’s say that you sit for at least seven hours on the job, don’t you think it’s worth it to invest in a comfortable chair?

8/27/2019 | SEVEN DAYSThe Art Of…Active Sitting

Since schools have existed, teachers have been telling kids to sit still and pay attention. But what if that pedagogical wisdom is wrong?

7/15/2019 | FURNITURE TODAYThis ‘Rocking’ Chair Is Not What You Think

A chair brand called QOR360 is hoping to use its patented seating technology to change the way we sit – by turning us into active sitters.

7/9/2019 | WCAX BURLINGTON, VTMiVT: QOR360 Ergonomic Sitting Chair

Whether at work, in the car or at home, the average person sits for 12 hours a day. That sedentary lifestyle can have adverse effects on your health. But a local doctor Isn’t sitting around waiting for a solution.

1/29/2019 | BURLINGTON FREE PRESSBurlington Startup Takes On ‘Sitting Disease’ With Patented New Chair

It’s called “active sitting,” and combined with a sitting position that puts your knees below your hips, rather than at a 90-degree angle as conventional chairs do, the QOR360 chair can eliminate back pain and increase your metabolic rate by 17 percent, according to Osler, who cites a study done at Cornell University concerning the increase in metabolism.

8/1/2018 | VERMONT PUBLIC RADIOQOR360 Wins Essex Road Pitch And Featured On Vermont Public Radio

Some of the pitchers, too, come back for an encore — like Lex Osler. He co-founded QOR360 with his father, a company that makes and sells a new style of ergonomic chair . . .


At ICFF a new company is trying to change the way the world sits. QOR360 has designed a new type of chair that moves while you sit, thus making sitting active …

11/7/2017 | POSTURECORRECTORBRACE.COMQOR360 Newton Chair Review

The Newton is top of the line engineering for active sitting—at a budget price . . .

9/12/2017 | BENZINGAQOR360 Launches New Ergonomic Office Chair

QOR360, a Burlington, Vermont-based furniture startup, has added the Newton to its line of ergonomic chairs.

6/30/2017 | BOSTON GLOBEToo Much Time On Your Rear End? ‘Active Sitting’ Can Make A Differnence

Turner Osler, a former trauma surgeon and epidemiology professor at the University of Vermont, wanted to design a chair that facilitated not just good posture but biochemical health . . .

4/26/2017 | CISION PR WEBQOR360 Releases An Ergonomic Chair And Active Sitting Review

QOR360’s line of Active Sitting, ergonomic office chairs utilize the company’s proprietary rocker technology — the Eccentric Bi-cylinder, which was developed by Dr. Turner Osler, a University of Vermont trauma surgeon.

3/1/2017 | VERMONT PBSVermont Researcher Designs New Chair To Be Healthier

QOR360 makes seats designed to promote better posture and engage muscles when people sit …

2/24/2017 | CISION PR WEBVermont-Based QOR360 Launches New Ergonomic Office Chairs For Back Pain

Innovative technology offers therapeutic benefits for better spinal health. QOR360 has announced the launch of its new line of ergonomic office chairs created to address back pain…

11/2/2016 | SEVEN DAYSM//E Design’s Seat At The Maker Table

The makers at M//E Design have been creating prototypes for Osler’s QOR360 chair. The ergonomic seat provides a healthier sitting experience with the aid of a destabilizing element — a bisecting cylinder rocker — under your butt.

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