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Popular with people who like a firm seat. A special curve is designed into the seat top so that it slopes forward to not hit the hamstrings, and backward to not hit the tailbone. This is beneficial for people with a hamstring or tailbone issue.

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Product description:

The Newton has a firmer more bench-like seat that puts all the pressure on your sitz bones for better connection to the chair. It has a special convex curve designed into the seat so it slopes forward and doesn’t hit the hamstrings, and also slopes backwards so it doesn’t hit the tailbone. People that prefer this chair either have a hamstring or tailbone issue, or are bodywork people (feldenkrais, alexander technique, pilates, yoga, postural experts, equestrians) you get the idea. The Newton is often purchased with the additional Comfort Cushion.


Product specifications:

  • Available in two sizes, each with adjustable height.
  • Comes with wheels or feet.
  • Standard cushion included. For a more cushy cushion, check out our Comfort Cushion which is often purchased with this chair.
  • Some assembly is required.
  • Weight limit 250 lbs.
  • 19” wide star base; Short: 17-22” tall; Tall: 22-29” tall; Seat: 16” wide x 9” deep
  • Base: Aluminum (star base with gas lifter), plastic (feet and wheels); Seat: Baltic birch, black water-based polyurethane finish, polycarbonate rocker
  • Chair feet are also included when you purchase wheels. We recommend starting with chair feet and then graduating to wheels when you are ready. If your chair has wheels, warn any friends that are new to active sitting that they are in for a different experience of sitting if they try out your QOR360 chair.
  • Replacement rubber connectors can be found here


How to measure:

Deciding the correct height of your QOR360 chair is very important to maintain proper posture when sitting. Most chairs are too low, your knees should be lower than your hips when sitting to maintain an open hip angle and your lower lumbar curve. To find the correct height chair, stand in whatever shoes you will be wearing when sitting, and measure from the ground to the top of your patella (knee cap). This measurement is the height of your chair.

Additional information

Weight18 lbs
Dimensions18.5 × 18 × 10 in

Black, Red


Short 17" – 22", Tall 22" – 29"


Wheels + Feet – Add $15, Just Feet

Seat Width

15" x 9"

7 reviews for The Newton

  1. Tyler Rocco

    Wheel-less, the firm Newton slopes forward clear of my hammies, backward clear of my curvy coccyx, it engages the core and helps stabilize the back which keeps me pain free scrolling Fbook Mkttplace 12hrs a day. Safe to say: back pain with the Newton is Fig’sd

  2. Dave B.

    I’ve been using the QOR360 Newton chair for a few weeks and absolutely love it. It allows me to sit with really good posture without thinking about it and gives me the ability not to be locked down in one position all day. My back feels great and I don’t slouch anymore at my desk.

    I’ve tried many chairs before and this one is the best by far. My expensive ergonomic chair put me in a locked position and made me feel like the chair was holding me up, but didn’t prevent slouching. My exercise ball was better but I couldn’t really feel my sits bones and had to use my legs to stabilize the ball…couldn’t really sit on it for very long. I also tried the CoreChair which looked like it was going to be great but had nowhere near the amount of mobility as the qor360 and the backrest on it made me feel locked into the chair…I returned it after a few days.

    The qor360 company has amazing customer service and a fantastic chair. I would recommend their chairs to anyone.

  3. Howard S.

    I am coming from modestly price kneeling chair to QOR360. A kneeling chair is a bit cumbersome to get in and out of; mine had casters, no swivel and rudimentary height adjustment. So my must-haves were open hips and proper desk ergonomics, active seating (kneeling isn’t really that), comfort, height adjustment, maneuverability, reasonable price, well made. Although I considered others, I actually ordered an Ariel (and eventually Newton) and Fully’s Tic Toc chair. Both companies had great reviews of their products and support.

    Tic Toc comparo first. The materials and finish are high quality, made in Thailand. The seat (even with the cushion) is quite firm but is shaped perfectly, so it remains comfortable even past when you really should get up and walk around anyways. The chair also meets its posture objective. I am a long-legged 5′ 4″, and this chair gave me an open hip posture (in part due to a smartly designed drop of on the front edge) and got my elbows and hands above my sitting desk. Way better than a traditional desk chair. Height adjustment is smooth, easy, and controlled. The active rocking motion is exactly as advertised, however you can only rock in the direction that you orient the bowed base. No sooner than you choose an orientation do you have an urge to rock in another direction. In the QOR360 you can always move in any direction. And ultimately, I just wanted more freedom to wiggle as I saw fit. Tic Toc is the right chair for some, but not me.

    On to the Ariel. Before buying I had some sizing questions so I called QOR360. Lex promptly returned my call, and as I suspected, I needed the taller version. FYI, the chair you need is the one whose height at least goes to the top of your kneecaps. Great convo (he was excited to hear what I thought of Tic Toc too), really helpful, good vibe. Thanks Lex. The chair came shortly thereafter. I emailed Lex — “Wow, I can wiggle in every direction, whew, I bought the right size, posture perfect, and hmm, this thing grabs the bottom of my thighs a bit.” I also began to notice that I couldn’t rock back as much as I wanted. A day or so later Lex emailed again. He said that the Newton with its domed head might be the better chair for me and offered to send out a replacement head. Wow, active chair, proactive customer service. In between, I had tried adding padding to Ariel, but no luck. The Newton head with the extra comfy cushion arrived a few days ago. I swapped out the head in under 5 min. between conference calls. No grabbing, full backward rock, nicely cushioned. Chair, solved.

    Some specifics on the QOR360 chairs. Quality is very good and they are produced in the USA! Everything is solidly made, a chic tilt towards a chunky, overengineered, workshop made vibe. The handles carved into the wood base could use an extra scrub of sandpaper, but it is out of sight and adds character. The base is really solid, the casters (yes you want them) roll well. The cushion cover on the Ariel is removable (and stuff-able if you want to DYI some extra padding). The Newton cushions are removable/replaceable. These are great chairs.

  4. Whit Blauvelt (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a good “drum throne” (drummer’s stool) at my desk, so was already half-way there. This works even better. An initial shortcoming was that the included pad was not wide enough for my rear; leg muscles were feeling the edges on the pad’s sides. Replacing that with their “Comfort Cushion” fixed that. Also, the customer service is excellent.

  5. Daniel Cohen (verified owner)

    I came from an aeron too and this chair changed my life as a CS researcher who spends most of his time at his desk. I was doubtful that the Newton would have such an impact on my quality of life, but it has markedly decreased my chronic nocturnal lumbar pain. I’ll be getting another one for my lab once the university starts opening up again.

    Also, I was skeptical of the consistent 5 star rating in all reviews, but I now understand why after using this chair.

  6. Matthew London

    The Newton is my favorite chair. The folks at QOR360 discarded old notions of what a chair should or shouldn’t be like, and from this “beginners’ mind” came up with a remarkable chair unlike any other.
    You don’t sink into this chair. It demands you stay active, and therefore avoid the compression and damage that accumulate from a lifetime of sitting. I’ve tried many excellent (and much more expensive) chairs, but for working, the Newton is superior to anything else. Just don’t get lazy, or you will find the chair shooting out from under you!

  7. James Thomas (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely thrilled with the Newton chair. (So so happy to get rid of the Aeron chair I’ve used forever and thought was entirely overrated!) The core engagement sitting in the Newton is just what I wanted and pretty much exactly what the QOR website/videos suggest. I can move around enough to keep muscles active but not in a way that disrupts my concentration or work flow. Plus, I like having the hip mobility while sitting. The other pedestal like chairs I’ve tried (and that promote “core engagement”) aren’t even close to this…they rely on your legs to create a tripod style of balance (three-legged stool?) but the Newton allows for much more freedom of movement while being upright and getting to “sit” in an active way. sounds funny but its worth it! highly recommend. (Side Note: I was actively seeking a solution for relief from lower back/tailbone pain while seated, while all signs are looking good at this point, its too early to say if this will completely solve the problem but for sure sitting at work won’t be another pain point in my life going forward) Thanks!!!

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