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The Tilt! is by far the tippiest chair on the market. Designed to challenge active sitters to sit even more actively, this is our Ferrari model, and it leaves other active chairs (even our own) in the dust. A budget-friendly active chair featuring a sleek, lightweight design, a supportive buckwheat hull seat, and our signature effortless, 360-degree motion to keep you balanced and moving, and moving a lot, all day. Maximum QOR360 performance, but with a smaller footprint under your desk and in your wallet.

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Less expensive than most active chairs or “ergonomic” office chairs, our design is an economical solution to preventing back pain and improving posture.

MD Designed

Designed by a physician and researcher with decades of experience.

Try for 60 days

Enjoy a 60 day trial period to fully experience our chairs. If active sitting isn’t for you, just send us back the chair for a full refund – completely hassle-free.


The healthiest way to sit.

The office chair you are sitting in is terribly designed. Modern chairs encourage poor posture and inactivity.

1. Relieve Back Pain

Active sitting keeps your core strengthened and body aligned. We are designed to move, and when you stay in motion, your back appreciates it.

2. Improve Posture

Posture is your body’s response to gravity. QOR360 chairs are designed to allow your hips and spine to tip, gently aligning into a natural, comfortable position.

3. Sit Healthy

Research shows that sitting is as bad for our health as smoking. People sit more than ever (Americans, on average, sit for 11 hours per day!) and it’s literally killing us. Active sitting keeps your body in motion, and helps prevent sitting disease.

"No more back pain! I was desperate. I sit at a computer all day, and while all my coworkers with back pain converted to standing desks, it just wasn’t for me."


Features that make your currrent chair jealous...

MD Designed

Designed by a physician and researcher with decades of experience.


Easy-to-use adjustment knob. Simply unscrew and set to your desired height.


The Tilt! is one-third the weight of a typical office chair at only 13 lbs.


Tested to hold up to 250 pounds.


Less than half the cost of a typical office chair.

No Assembly

Just open the box and your Tilt! is ready to sit on.

Space Saver

One of the smallest chair footprints on the market.


Made with far less material than most modern office chairs.


It’s a different kind of chair, invented by a former surgeon.

Former surgeon Turner Osler is trying to save the world from the traditional chair by creating a design that includes a rocking seat that feels more like walking than sitting. -Billy Baker


Your Office Chair Is Hurting You

But also, forget standing desks. Try ‘active sitting,’ according to a trauma surgeon who wants to cure sitting disease. -Ashley Abramson


Goodbye, Back Pain? This Office Chair Was Designed by a Trauma Surgeon

For decades, American workers have tried trendy office chairs hoping to alleviate the agony of sitting. Is the new ‘Active Stool’ the one? -Magdalena Puniewska

Love from happy sitters.

I received an email from my friend Larry Goldfarb, a well known Feldenkrais teacher/practitioner and Trainer in this method, he mentioned this new concept of sitting and mentioned he was using one of their chairs. Now imagine I was sitting on my solid oak stool at my computer in no real comfort but living with this as normal. Well I decided to take the hint and leap of faith and ordered a Ariel for my self. I have been using this wonderful chair for a little over a month now and what a wonder it is! I am so impressed with the engineering that has gone into this chair. It takes a little time to get accustomed to the sitting dynamics, but once you do, it gives a sense of freedom that is truly unique. I can’t imagine being with out this chair. If you are considering the purchase of one of these great chairs, just do it. You won’t be disappointed. Dave Worth PT GCFP

David Worth

I live with a bleeding disorder that has led to arthritis in most joints in my body. I’ve had injuries from normal every day actions, including sitting down. Over the years, I have moved from the gamut of options in Western medicine to a more fluid journey into alternative methods of health preservation. I’ve tried many sitting devices to maintain neutral posture but have invariably been disappointed or hurt. I was recommended this chair by my rolfer whose opinion I really value. Combining the principals of structural integration and the mechanics of this chair, I’ve finally found something that leads to a sense of wellness, security, and freedom. Not only do I use this chair for normal sitting but am using it in movement exercises that I can conclusively say are restoring my functionality in a way that I never thought I would be able to. I hope to be able to adapt the principles of this chair and structural integration to help others like me who live with chronic pain some day.

Richard Rodriguez, MD

I have sat on yoga balls, zero gravity recliners, stools, standing – and this is the first chair I’ve simply sat on and had it balance me. Best. Chair. Ever.


This chair is brilliant. Brilliantly simple. Really really expensive ergo chairs have managed to feel about there same as cheap crap office chairs to me, and standing desks add variety but don’t seem to add actual change in how I feel day to day. This is the first chair to have the balance and motion off a yoga ball without the high randomness and the pressure pushing at your backside. I can feel a difference after sitting on it at the office for four weeks now and I purchased a second for use at home. I’m also finally getting actual use out of an adjustable standing desk at work. The adjustable height desk is so much a part of there experience of this chair I adapted my home desk surface onto an adjustable height frame. Great chair. Thank you.

Douglas Munsinger

I love my new chair! My colleagues have all taken turns coming down to my office to try it. I’m a runner and have been struggling with some hip stiffness that’s affecting my back. Even after just a few days of using it, my IT band and psoas tightness is lessened. I was especially pleased with how easy it was to assemble, and in the overall quality of construction, especially at so affordable a price.


Better than advertised. As someone who practiced clinical medicine for many years but who transitioned to a phase in my career where I am at a desk quite a bit I was worried about the adverse effects of sitting so much. In emergency departments and clinics there were always rolling stools to sit on, but usually you’re so busy you don’t sit too much. The Ariel reminds me of those stools, but far better. I am very pleased with the way I can move, and adjust subconsciously while I type, video conference or read. Takes just a few days to get used to it, then you will never go back. I highly recommend it.

TJ Wright, MD, MPH

This chair has made a huge difference in my comfort and productivity in working at home. I recently sat in my office chair at work, and could not get comfortable or sit for a long period, which tells me this chair is really changing how I sit and engage.

Mikael Bristow

ABSolutely love this chair! I work from home and have had this chair for a few years. This IS my office chair despite me thinking I would have to switch back and forth with my old office chair:) No more back pain, better balance and tighter abs. Love it!


I wish I had found this chair earlier in my life! I’m at my home-office desk for 6-8 hours a day and found that this chair relieves pressure on my both my knees and lower back. It’s easy to adjust and after getting use to the “active sitting” I completely understand why it’s better for posture. Also, the sales and customer service team has been incredible to work with – very quick to respond to questions and helpful all the way through the process.

Judie Brower
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The Tilt! is designed as an ‘active chair’ and its unique design and construction make it more tippy compared to other QOR360 chairs and conventional chairs. This feature has been deliberately incorporated to promote movement and core strength for users. However, this could lead to potential falls if the product is not used properly.

The product may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals who are older, those taking medication that might affect balance, and those who generally experience difficulties with balance should consider their capabilities and circumstances before choosing to use the Tilt!. The use of this chair by individuals with the above-mentioned conditions could increase the risk of falling and severe injury.

It is the user’s responsibility to assess their physical fitness, health status, and skill level before deciding to use this product. All users are strongly encouraged to take time to understand how to safely use the chair and to gradually get accustomed to its motion.

QOR360 cannot accept liability for accidents, injuries, or damages related to the use of this product. By choosing to use this chair, you acknowledge and accept that you do so at your own risk.

It is strongly advised that users with the above-mentioned conditions consider our less-tippy Ariel 2.0.

MD Designed

Meet Dr. Turner Osler

Turner is the CEO and Founder of QOR360. Dr. Osler is an academic trauma surgeon turned research epidemiologist who has published over 300 peer-reviewed medical papers and book chapters. As a physician who’s suffered from a tyranny of conventional chairs for most of his life, Dr. Osler’s quest for a healthier way to sit led him to develop The Eccentric Bicylinder, a shape that is central to QOR360’s ergonomic, healthy, and active seating products.

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Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 13 in
Seat Height

Adjustable from 20" – 26"

Seat Diameter


Seat Thickness


Base Diameter


1 review for The Tilt!

  1. “R.A.” in Michigan (verified owner)

    This afternoon I had a chiropractic appointment. At the end, when I stood up and she tested me, she saw, and I felt, that I was standing taller than usual. She knows me very well and I had told her about the chair. Since my posture was different, we figured it might have been from the chair (which I had sat on for an hour in the morning). Interesting. We’ll see.

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