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Mayumi Ishii - Golf

Every year, millions of people spend money on products that claim to improve their sports game. They might buy the latest running sneakers, or gloves for golfing, or refresh their daily yoga practice with a new mat. All of these items may be helpful in improving your game and physical fitness, but they don’t address the core issue. In most sports, your body is your greatest asset, and keeping it healthy and moving continuously will do a greater deal of good in shaving time off your 5k than whatever latest sneaker Nike has come out with.

We spoke with a number of athletes who have been using their QOR360 chairs to strengthen their cores, increase mobility, and stay active when they are at their desks working. Read about their active sitting experiences below!

Sarah Geddes - Runner

"I started using the chair just before the pandemic started. It was actually perfect timing, because all of a sudden, outside meetings and events were cancelled and I found myself desk-bound more throughout the day than ever before. For the past 15 years I’ve been using a standing desk, but wanted to start work on my core so got a QOR360 chair for when I don’t stand.

With the Ariel, I got more than I hoped for, because in addition to working on my posture and core, it really helped reduce the restlessness in my legs. I am an avid runner, running 5-7 miles each day, but still suffer each night from restless legs despite my daily activity. I noticed that by using the chair for 1-2 hours each day that the restlessness at the end of the day was much more manageable.

One of the biggest flaws in my running is keeping my shoulders relaxed. The biggest benefit of this chair is that it forces you to maintain good posture. My shoulders naturally relax and there is less tension in my back at the end of the day."

Mayumi Ishii - Golf

"I love golf. Since Los Angeles went under quarantine last spring, I hadn’t worked out much, but have been working at my desk on my Ferrari red QOR360. When I'm not out on the course, I sit in the Ariel while I run my business. At first, it felt like a workout, now it's just a joy to sit in.

Since our golf courses reopened, I’ve been enjoying golfing. The biggest surprise to me was that I was hitting longer than ever. My husband, Gary, says my stance is better than ever and I look very stable over the ball. The only reason I can think of is that I’ve been on this amazing chair for so many hours a day.

Of course, this makes sense, because the chair claims to work your core (it does) and help keep you moving, even when you're sitting. My QOR360 Ariel has upped my game, and I would recommend it to any and every golfer who wants to improve their skills."

Marina Kaydonova - Pilates Instructor

"I absolutely love my Ariel chair! As a pilates instructor, form and posture are very essential to me. Sitting on the Ariel chair allows you to sit actively and move. You elongate your spine, and engage your core immediately.

Additionally, when I’m not on the reformer training clients, and it’s time to take care of the business end of my work, I feel good knowing that I can sit to get work done without compromising all the hard work I’ve done in class."

Denny Emerson - Equestrian

Denny Emerson sat in one while meeting fans and signing his two books at the QOR360 booth at Equine Affaire, Inc. Denny uses and endorses the QOR360 chair for a strong core, and to keep his back and hips flexible when he’s “Facebooking at Tamarack Hill Farm.”

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