Love from happy sitters.

QOR360 customers rave about their active chairs! Read their testimonials here and see a couple of short videos of our customers describing their experience.

“From the moment I sat in it, they couldn't get me out.”


Sr. Systems Lead

"I’ve gone through a lot of iterations of tools to try to ease the pain. Nothing has helped except for this chair.”

"After 34 years of practice helping people in pain caused by sitting all day this is the best solution I have found."


Chiropractor - Performance Health Care

I know that using the Ariel has made me more acutely aware of where my body is in space, and focused my attention on better posture even when not using it. That is a huge bonus.


Glen Ellyn, IL

No regrets, this is an excellent product.

I bought an Ariel for my home office/music room and absolutely love this chair! It's quick and easy to learn and get used to the sitting posture and very comfortable, even for hours sitting at the desk. I feel less tired at the end of the day, which I attribute to the improved posture being more efficient. The chair is well made, easily assembled, and convenient to use and store; light, strong, and adjustable. Less than two weeks after buying my first chair I ordered a second for my other office space - no regrets, this is an excellent product. I had questions about my orders and found customer service to be excellent, very quick and informative responses even over the weekend.


Oakland, CA

YouTubers review the Ariel


Is the QOR360 Ariel Active Sitting Stool the perfect chair for work? After using the Qor360 for 6 months, I share my honest thoughts.


Are ergonomic chairs all that great? What's the deal with active chairs and active sitting? What do active chairs and barefoot shoes have in common (wait, what)?!


The revolutionary design of the QOR360 chair is not only comfortable, but it also helps prevent/relieve back pain associated with poor sitting posture. Active sitting at its best!

Now I sit straighter ... no slouching!

I have had my Newton chair for about 18 months now. I live and work in the UK, with a desk-based job. I'm in my 60s. When I bought the chair, I wondered if I had been a bit extravagant - transAtlantic shipping and UK import duty bumped up the cost a fair bit. But now the chair is on my "best buy" list for sure, and I strongly recommend it for anyone who has to work at a screen for much of the day. Now I sit straighter ... no slouching! ... and this has translated into improved posture away from my desk as well, and helped with my core stability. Do yourself a big favour, and get past all the reasons for not buying one of these chairs. You'll not regret the move to active sitting.


Surrey, United Kingdom

"I sit in the Ariel while I run my business. At first, it felt like a workout, now it’s just a joy to sit in."



"If you sit in this chair for eight hours a day, you are bound to lose weight."


People Making Good PR

"I immediately felt the palpable sense of freedom and comfort not present in other chairs!"


Electrical Engineer

Man, I wish I knew about this chair back then.

“About 5 years ago I seriously injured my back partially due to sitting long periods of time in a traditional office chair. After about 6 months of excruciating pain, lost gigs and rehearsals, I was 95% back to normal. I finally found this chair and saw it as a way to help keep my back healthy.

As a retired design engineer, I really appreciate and love the design of this chair. It allows me to easily maintain my posture playing any of my horns. No matter if it is strapped, held or pegged the seat naturally adjusts my back to the situation.

After I got used to sitting on it (about a week), I could comfortably do so for long periods of time. Additionally, It has no structure on the sides that would interfere or ding my Bari.

After I got used to sitting on it, I could comfortably do so for long periods of time. I also use it for sitting at my reed profiler machine and my graphic design work. The wheels and adjustable height come in handy, as it makes it easier to use & move from ‘station’ to ‘station’. It’s like I have 3 chairs in one!

Man, I wish I knew about this chair back then; I lost way more money in missed gigs, than the investment of this QOR360.

Thank you Lex & Dr. Osler for such a great product!!!”



I really can’t express how much this is relieving my lower back pain. I honestly can’t wait to get to the office and sit down!

Deanna DeFrancesco

New York, NY

It’s like a bird perch, no more hunching, no more tripping over the big ball, super comfy and love the red cover.

Vicki Ronaldson

It somehow makes me walk better! I’m not hunched when I walk. It seems to be teaching me how to use my spine better?


Life changing . . . Too good to be true!

Rob Renzler

Brooklyn, NY

I’m now 53 healing from a life in stupid chairs and bad posture and your chairs are part of my healing path!

Cristie Love

Santa Cruz, CA

After 34 years of practice helping people in pain caused by sitting all day this is the best solution I have found.

Dr. Brad Weiss

Natick, MA

I can’t imagine being with out this chair.

"I received an email from my friend Larry Goldfarb, a well known Feldenkrais teacher/practitioner and Trainer in this method, he mentioned this new concept of sitting and mentioned he was using one of their chairs. Now imagine I was sitting on my solid oak stool at my computer in no real comfort but living with this as normal. Well I decided to take the hint and leap of faith and ordered a Ariel for my self. I have been using this wonderful chair for a little over a month now and what a wonder it is! I am so impressed with the engineering that has gone into this chair. It takes a little time to get accustomed to the sitting dynamics, but once you do, it gives a sense of freedom that is truly unique. I can’t imagine being with out this chair. If you are considering the purchase of one of these great chairs, just do it. You won’t be disappointed."


It makes me taller.

"So I didn’t use the other chair full time. At school I was up and down so much that it didn’t make a huge difference and then corona hit. Now I sit in front of the computer all day and what a difference the chair I have makes. Without it my back aches and my leg hurt when I run, and I have a “good” office chair. At home I have used the model that I add to another hard stool. It makes me taller. My legs don’t hurt. My neck and cervical spine is more aligned. I turn easier. Dang it’s a miracle. I’m hooked. "


Rochester, NY

I love this chair.

I love this chair. I was having shoulder issues in my previous chair from leaning and not being in an active position. This also contributed to some hip and ham string issues. With your chair I can still sit to take a load off but it keeps me upright, no slouching. This helps with many other body aches and pains. My shoulder has been good and hip feels better also since using this chair.


Burlington, VT

If I ever get to go back to my work office,it's coming back and forth with me for sure!

"I've been wanting to post my chair to Instagram but my covid-home-office is truly a ramshackle setup with a beautiful chair in the middle of it 😉
My backstory - The first shutdown in March/April I threw together a "temporary" office at home - consisting of a directors chair from the 80's. Awful. That morphed into a director's chair with a large pillow on it, which of course was still horrid, so I started quizzing my physical therapist about her Qor chairs. Her office was shut down as well so she let me borrow one. I'm not going to lie, that first week was tough on the sits bones! From there she helped me purchase one because you were shut down as well. I've been in love with it since and if I ever get to go back to my work office it's coming back and forth with me for sure!"



Brands who've embraced QOR360 chairs

"Hi Turner. It's Renatta from Montreal. Just to let you know, I am always sitting on your chair and the benefits are phenomenal!. Hope to talk to you soon. Bye."


Nothing comes close to the QOR360 Ariel for me.

"I have been working at a desk for years in software design, and TV script writing. For 40 years I have had lower back problems and have tried every contrivance on the market and have even designed a few for myself with an engineering friend. Nothing comes close to the QOR360 Ariel for me. I have been living in it day and night since January, first at my office and now at my home office with the Covid nightmare. When I first ordered it, I accidentally ordered the wrong size and getting in touch with them was such an easy and friendly experience. They said, “Let us send you out a replacement part immediately so you can get to using the chair right away.”

The only problem on my end now is that I can comfortably (and safely for my back) work for so long that I am disappointing my wife a bit.

I am ordering one for my daughter and then one for my son. It’s the nicest gift I can think of giving them."


This seat has really improved my lower back pain or actually gotten rid of it...

"I actually found out about QOR 360 from another attorney in my office. She let me try her chair for a week and I loved it. I got my own for home and now I just had our company get one for me to use at the office. I’m an athlete and I hate sitting so I was looking for creative solutions. This seat has really improved my lower back pain or actually gotten rid of it, and strengthened my lower core. I also just really enjoy being able to wiggle around and not feel so stationary. I used to sit on a medicine ball but I find your seat to be more stable and better for my low back. Thanks for your invention."


Thanks for engineering such a good product!

"I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the Ariel chair. I have scoliosis and my normal office chair was encouraging bad posture while working. I went from having to massage my back after work every day to having no pain at all. I can also focus better while working in this chair. So thank you! I’ve been telling everyone I can, about this chair. And if you ever need testimonials, I’d gladly give one! Thanks for engineering such a good product!"


There are many reasons to switch to a QOR360 chair. Here are three.


With decades of experience as a physician and researcher, Dr. Osler’s quest for a healthier way to sit led him to develop a better chair.


Active sitting improves posture and strengthens core muscles which can relieve back pain from prolonged sitting.


Enjoy a 60 day trial period to fully experience our chairs. If active sitting isn’t for you, just send us back the chair for a full refund – completely hassle-free.