The ButtOn Chair for Kids


Our most affordable active chair, and our first designed specifically for kids. Simple design, lacrosse ball rocker, virtually indestructible… it just works.





The ButtOn Chair is our first active chair for kids! It’s an affordable way to introduce kids to the world of active sitting, letting them move while they sit. Kids instinctively want to constantly move, why not let them? The ButtOn chair is the simplest design possible to allow active sitting. With a lacrosse ball used as a rocking mechanism, the ButtOn chair seat moves easily in all directions, just don’t fall off. . . This improves children’s posture, burns calories, improves focus, and is just more fun than a boring regular chair!

Included in the box: Pair of chair legs, seat bottom, seat top, blue felt seat pad, two pieces of bungee cord, lacrosse ball, assembly instructions

We also offer downloadable plans for people to make their own ButtOn chair for free:

Sorry, ButtOn chairs are non-returnable.


One size – 18″, felt pad adds about 1/2″
Weight limit – 130 lbs.

*Not suitable for adults


Handy-dandy handle

A handle built into the leg for easy carrying.

No Glue or Screws

We designed patented joinery so the pieces just snap together. Just bang it together with a rubber mallet, no fasteners necessary.

Non-Slip Seat

Our seat is textured so students won’t slip off while they’re rocking. Also included in the box is a 1/2″ thick blue felt seat pad for cushioning.

Adjustable Height

We provide guiding marks on the legs so you can saw them off to make small adjustments to height.

Non-toxic & Compostable

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly finish. Made in Vermont with locally sourced wood. Felt seat pad is good for kids and the environment!

Made in the USA

Made in Vermont by small businesses.

Fun and easy assembly!

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Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 17.5 × 3 in

10" Diameter Circle

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